We will return to prepare the backpack with that thrill that only those who travel can know.

When the soul vibrates strongly and the heart runs fast.

When you put and remove the same objects ten times, because deep down you know it's not what makes the difference.

But what you will carry inside.

Thinking that from an airport you can reach any place in the world.

We will return to hold our breath when a new stamp appears on our passport.

We will return to talk to perfect strangers.

We will go back to having that wonderful conversation in which you mix expressions in ten different languages.

We will return to embrace travelers of all ages and nationalities.

But we will also return to communicate in a different language: Smiling!

It is now hidden behind a mask.

But it will return to illuminate everything.

We will return to experience the wonder of humanity.

The thousand nuances that make us all different.

Although they are all the same in our human being.

We will return to walk through markets and crowded streets.

We will come back to fill our eyes and hearts with all the colors and sounds of the world.

We will come back to taste food of all kinds and flavors.

We will get lost again, because this is how you discover the true essence of the world.

...And we will return to feel at home wherever we are, because the world is our home.