Cooking class with view!

Cooking class with view!

When Beatrice, the owner of Your Travel Diary calls me, it means that a cooking class is scheduled in a famous restaurant on Lake Como and I am always happy because it means that an exciting day is coming.

But what does a day like this involve? Follow me on my journey to find out what a tour leader does.

Wake up very early to meet the couple of tourists in Milan Central or Cadorna Station, from here we take the train that will take us to Como.

Time spent on the train is generally used to get to know each other a little; I like to listen to their stories and their travel story, it's a great way to melt the initial ice and get to know each other immediately. Foreign tourists are always enthusiastic about their trip to Italy, are amazed by the beauty that our country offers and are also excited by the idea of making a cooking class with a real chef. Before arriving in Como, I also take this opportunity to describe how the day will unfold and to provide them information on the area we are going to visit.

Once we arrive in Como, we are greeted by the chef in person who accompany us to the covered market where fruit, vegetables and cheeses will be purchased and used for the cooking lesson and then for lunch.

After stopping at the market, go straight to the restaurant where the cooking class begins: tourists wear white aprons and hats and go to work following the chef's instructions.

Generally I assist from outside the kitchen, but I assure you that every time the temptation to enter and get your hands in the dough is really strong.

By the way, the preparation of the pasta is a real must of the cooking lesson; in fact, tourists are shown how to prepare the dough and how to use a real professional pasta machine.

At the end of the lesson, there is just enough time to take a short tour around before sitting down at the table and enjoying what was prepared during the cooking class.

The view of the lake is spectacular as well as the food we are served: a real enchantment both for the eyes and for the palate.

Lunch always ends with delicious homemade desserts and a glass of bitter. With a full stomach you have little desire to get up from the table, but the day is still long and lunch is all over for a mini-cruise from where you can admire the historic villas that overlook the lake, follow by a tour of Como.

In the late afternoon, tired and satisfied, the train takes us back to Milan again. During the journey we recall the beautiful moments just passed. I can see in their eyes the same enthusiasm that accompanied them on the outward journey, but also a little sadness because the day seemed to have flown away too quickly.

Once we arrive in Milan, the moment of greetings comes, big smiles printed on our faces and warm handshakes. I watch them leaving the station square with a happy face and I am even happier than they, this means has been a beautiful day.

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Valeria Maloni Written by Valeria Maloni